Tribute 27

Tribute 27 is a lifestyle and fashion brand producing premium leather jackets. Designed with love and handmade with passion. The brand pays homage to the legends of the unofficial Club 27. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison – music icons, legends and talents that have left this world too early, yet they made sure to leave a strong legacy: keep the dream of freedom alive. Starting from the name, a Tribute to the Twentyseven’s, all the way to the essence of the brand: the leather jacket.

Just goodLeather Jackets.

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The Designer.

„My inspiration lies within life’s most simple yet most complex concepts: Freedom. The design of each leather jacket is an artistic process for me, it’s like the creation of a painting composed by the hands of several artists combined.“ Tribute27 was founded by a Muslim and a Jew both standing for one thing, and one thing only: Free to live, Free to give and Free to love. We don’t speak politics, we speak humanity. Let’s con.Tribute to the world – one leather jacket at a time.